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It's been...interesting
last modified: Sunday, September 02, 2007 (12:09:49 AM CST)
Well, this is the first blog entry I have ever made, mostly because I never consider myself important enough to write one! However, I write now because I actually have an announcement, which to me is a bit important, but probably will not affect you, the reader, too much. I am done collecting cels. Yep, that's right, I'm posting this blog in a cel gallery web page to announce that I'm done.

Wow, that last sentence sounds like I'm quitting because I'm angry! However, it is quite the opposite! I am actually quite content with the cels that I've acquired! The one cel that I always wanted, even before I started collecting, was a cel of Sailor Saturn in her original uniform. She only appears in this uniform in 2 out of 200 episodes as well as a video game, so I never thought that I would have the chance to obtain this cel of her. But I did! It was expensive, but that was THE one. And now that I have that, I am content with the collection I've got. I know, Sailor Moon fans will think that I'm crazy to write all of this now, and not before, after I posted my cel of Super Sailor Moon holding baby Hotaru, but Sailor Saturn (not Super Sailor Saturn) was the character that started me on this hobby we call cel collecting.

I have not been collecting cels for years and years like so many of you. In fact, I have not even been collecing for a year first anime cel purchase occured in October 2006. And this makes me that much more greatful that I have been able to find such beautiful cels in such a short time.

In this past year, I have found both good and bad in this hobby. I figured that I would list them, now that I am not going to be collecting as much anymore. I will start with the lows.

First, this hobby is a very expensive habit! Sure, not all cels are rediculously priced, but others (including many that I have!) are way more than I ever though I should pay for. After all, cels are just paint and plastic! How could I ever have paid so much for that!

Second is the angst and drama involved in collecting. Bid wars, backstabbing,'s what I've come to expect from the hobby, which is unfortunate because I know that most people aren't like that. I guess I can add in the "hoarders" in this section; the collectors who buy just to buy, or as someone so eloquently put it in the forums: "Fellow collectors who feel they are the ONLY ones that have a right to purchase artwork from any given show." I know it really shouldn't affect me, but it does make me very annoyed, even if I wasn't going for that cel at an auction. Of course, you could probably say the same about me and my collection, but I like to think that I am not like that. I have my limits that I've set, and the decision to not collect anymore should at least show this.

Finally, I do not like how addicting these things are! I started out just wanting a few certain thing I knew, I was checking dealer updates, ebay auction, yahoo japan, and personal galleries constantly, hoping for an update! I would wake up in the middle of the night just to bid on an auction! It sounds to me like an addiction! There should be a support group for this! Haha!

Alright, those are a few things that have annoyed me, and I know I sound so negative now! However, there were good points too! I mean, I did keep on collecting cels, so it couldn't have been all bad!

Of course, acquiring a cel, means that you now own a part of your favorite show! That means even more now, since cels are no longer being produced by most companies. This is the most exciting feeling to me, that you have a part of that show or movie that made you feel something. I mean, why else collect? I mean, sure you can buy beautiful cels from series that you've never seen before, but the best cels, are those that actually have meaning to the owner. That particular scene made you laugh, made you cry, made you feel...anything at all.

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